newbe needs help

Larry Fortna (
Sun, 05 Mar 1995 09:15:30 -0500

I just discovered the cu-seeme stuff this weekend. I have a Creative Labs
Video Spigot capture card and thought I'd give it a try.

I encounter a WriteOCPacket() 'Sento' error '10050' whenever I select the
option for me to send video. I can receive it fine, and my video appears
in the local window.

I read the FAQ and release notes, etc and found that I may need to set
my IP address in the hosts file in the Trumpet directory. (I am running
Windows 3.1)

I tried that. Still get the error, but since the provider assigns a
different IP
address each time I log on, am I to edit this file each time I want to use

Is this error a normal error that occurs because of bandwidth problems?
I don't ever see my name come up in the connection window, so I assume
I'm not transmitting.

I'm not a UNIX person, so excuse my ignorance here. Any help would be