CU-SeeMe *still* doesn't work over TIA

Michael Sattler (
Sun, 5 Mar 1995 18:16:05 -0800

At 16:21 3/5/95, John Babina III wrote:

>I am a new cuseeme users and am trying to get it to work with TIA, but with
>no luck. I believe the reason is that it takes over some ports. Is this
>correct? If so, what ports are required for cuseeme. I want to try to remap
>them to my machine using the beta release of TIA. This has worked with
>another program that works in this manner.

To the best of my knowledge, CU-SeeMe does not work with TIA. There have
been several different theories about this, from UDP onwards, but until
someone says otherwise, assume you can't do CU-SeeMe over TIA.

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