Re: PM Spectrum vs Studio ??
Mon, 06 Mar 95 12:59:40 EST

What's the difference between the PM Spectrum card and the PM

The studio is a new card, and apparently not based on the older
spectrum's chipset.

Do I still have to flip the camera upside down with these cards?

There was reported to be a driver that would fix the color inversion
problem but flipped the picture upside down, but no one has been able
to find the person who posted that they had it.

I've found
them at $59 and $99 respectively if anyone's interested. Also, do
they come with any bundled software and do they support color?

The Studio at least does handle color. Dunno about the spectrum, but
my guess is that it is named spectrum because it does.

Is there a WWW site that deals
with full motion video? The tech side? I also want to find out about
the SGI IndyCam I have.

S-Video? The Studio has an s-video port.

CU-L8TR :-)

I am working this issue, so let's keep in touch,

Patrick T. Stingley