Re: Radio-LAN

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 6 Mar 1995 11:20:28 -0800

You said to me:

>A few days ago someone talked about using cu-seeme over a Radio-LAN. Could
>comeone give me some information about wireless network products as far as the
>ir prices, their range, and where I can get them are concerned?

I've been using Metricom's RF-modems. Info may be had at,
but be aware that you can use their stuff even if you don't live in their
service area. (Fer instance, we're setting up and ad hoc network here in
the Haight (SF, CA, USA) where Metricom is as yet unknown.

Thruput is 56 kbps, so under certain conditions you can run a full ISDN
B-channel thru it. Range? Well, like any RF device it depends upon the
area, number of bounces versus line-of-sight, etc. No easy answer.

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