FAQ: ProMovie Studio/Spectrum Cards for CUSeeMe

Albert Foo (albert@more.net)
Mon, 06 Mar 1995 21:30:20 -0600

Well, sorta FAQ. :-) Anyway, since there're a few requests for the
drivers, etc. and information about these two cards, I went thru my CU-SEEMe
mailing list archive trying to dig out some information.

Here's what I found. On Sun, 05 Mar 1995 13:26:17 Richard Kennerly
<kennerly@nr-tech.cit.cornell.edu> wrote the following:
>Windows Users:
> There are at least two drivers for the media vision ProMovie capture
>cards. The one that seems to come with the card produces a 'reverse video'
>or negative image. The one available from Media Vision's download service
>apparently yeilds an upside down but correctly palettized image.
> Maybe someone with an FTP site and plans to keep up-to-date on Media
>Vision hardware/drivers could make this driver available. Anyway, we're
>incorporating an external codec that supports the media vision ProMovie
>cards with right-side-up and correctly palettized images.

Then, on Mon, 6 Mar 1995 16:34:44 Scott Wenzel <turtle@charm.net> wrote:
>I have several versions of the ProMovieSpectrum driver, and I have
>encountered ONLY the negative-image error. I do HAVE the "most current"
>drivers, downloaded from the MediaVision BBS a few days ago, and would be
>happy to mail them to anyone who needs them. If anyone has a solution to
>the PMovSpec "negative image" problem I'd love to see it.

Well folks, it seems that Scott Wenzel has the drivers for the "upside down"
image from MediaVision BBS. Best best is to contact him. And scott, why
not make it accessible from your HomePage or upload it to CUSeeMe FTP site?
(But, check with MediaVision for distribution permission first).

The MediaVision BBS number is: 510-770-0527 (N,8,1).
Their HomePage is at URL http://www.mediavis.com
Email support: techsupp@mediavis.com

A good place for getting the ProMovie Studio and ProMovie Spectrum card is
from Surplus Software (1-800-753-7877). They're selling the ProMovie Studio
for $99 and ProMovie Spectrum for $59 (Any better source?).

Here're the features:

ProMovie Studio
Capture/Compress video in
* 30 frames/sec in 80x60 and 160x120 window
* 15 frames/sec in 320x240 window
* Single frame capture in 640x480
* Input source: NTSC, PAL, SECAM-composite, S-Video
* Hardware Compression: Microsoft Video 1
* Software bundled:- Microsoft Video for Windows, MacroMedia Authorware, Dos
player and recorder, AVI to Quicktime converter.

System Req: IBM 386 and above, 4MB Ram, 1 16bit slot open, 1 available IRQ.
Windows 3.x compatible.

ProMovie Spectrum
Capture/Compress video in
* 30 frames/sec in 80x60 window
* 15 frames/sec in 160x120 window
* 1 frame/sec in 320x240 window and 640x480 window
* Input source: NTSC, Composite and S-Video
* Software bundled:- Microsoft Video for Windows, MacroMedias Action 2.5,
AVI to Quicktime converter.

System Req: IBM 386 and above, 4MB Ram, 12Mb free disk space, sound card
req. for sound capture, VGA or better graphics card.

Albert Foo (albert@more.net)
Missouri Research and Education Network
University of Missouri - Columbia