RE: Re[2]: Connecting Problem
Mon, 6 Mar 95 17:56:51 PST

On Mon, 06 Mar 95 15:53:58 EST wrote:

> ...After that, I get a "Could not connect
>to..." message. It does appear that the reflector is looking for me at a
>different/non-existent location. Is there a way to have the reflector look
>for me by IP number? Any ideas of what to try next?

If this is anything like the basis of the problem I had, (symptoms were the
same), I got around it by creating an entry in a local HOSTS file that
matched what I configured for a local name and domain.

i.e. I run a Netmanage stack, and I have "m.pulver" as my hostname, and
"" as my domain, (this is as defined by the corporate MIS group).
When I fired up the CUSEEME client, I would get the "...could not connect to
host", and the app would terminate without ever showing me the main screen.
This problem went away when I created a hosts file with a single entry:

The basis of this working is that CUSEEME will resolve the "host name" that
it's looking for (namely me, myself and I) locally and it won't depend on my
corporate based PC to actually have a valid DNS entry somewhere in the

In short, I think what you're seeing is actually the local client looking to
bounce your name off of the reflector for verification. By doing the local
hosts file gig, it seems that you circumvent the need for a real "ping".

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