Re[2]: Technical Info
Tue, 07 Mar 95 08:22:37 EST

For the purposes of all persons attempting to use TIA, the following is
bounced to the list:


Although you didn't give me your IP address (which would have made
this somewat easier, I was able to find your packets based on your
name. My log indicates that you connected to the test-bed at 00:22:53
on Tues Mar 7 1995 using port 1545 and the DNS indicated that your
Internet address was At 00:26:52 the packets
became corrupted and the port changed to 1026 (Possibly indicating that
they were overflowing some buffer). At 00:27:35 the packets were
restored to their proper format and the port again chanced to 1029. At
00:30:20 the port changed to 1049. At 00:33:14 the port changed back
to 1026 where they remained until you terminated your session at

From this I can see that TIA is using various UDP ports (from 1026 to
1049), thus explaining the reason that TIA cannot connect with the
refelctor (because the reflector requires port 7648).

Best Regards,

Patrick T. Stingley

>Dear John,
> Does anyone have the technical info on cuseeme, such as what
> ports are used by each side and how? Not detailed, but just along the
> lines of: UDP Port 7648 connect to UDP port 7648, etc.
> Patrick T. Stingley
I was able to connect to your test site ( using TIA. It came back
with my name (John) inside the box, but that was it. I do not have any camera
set up so i could not attempt to send any data. Anytime I try to connect to any
other site (such as the sites that come with cuseeme, or the NASA space shuttle
sites) it just times out and says 'cannot connect'. I have been able to connect
back to myself however.

John Babina III Computer Science Graduate Student, SUNY Stony Brook, NY USA
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