Re: ADB cable for QuickCam and PB5xx

Michael Coyle (
Tue, 7 Mar 1995 10:43:05 -0600

>Before I even bought a QuickCam, the folks at Connectix told me that there
>is a good chance that the camera would not work on the Powerbook 500 series
>without an ADB cable. This is apparently due to insufficient power in the
>serial port.
>I have since bought the camera and sure enough it did not work on my
>Powerbook 540c. I am now waiting for the ADB cable.
>Has anyone tried tha above configuration with and without cable? I heard
>rumors that even with the cables some 500 PB series might work. Is that
My Quickcam works just fine on my 520c without the ADB cable.


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