Re: FAQ: ProMovie Studio/Spectrum Cards for CUSeeMe

Scott Wenzel (
Tue, 7 Mar 1995 19:16:18 -0500 (EST)

Further update: re: ProMovieStudio

After spending an absolutely insane amount of my afternoon on hold with
MediaVision and getting cut off twice by soime amazingly talented phone
jockeys, the word is this:

MediaVision has discontinued most of their video-oriented products,
including all video-capture cards.

No updates to any MV drivers for these cards are planned.

No updates or upgrades to MS Video For Windows will be released or
available from MV (since Microsoft no longer sells the retail Video for
Windows product, this means you're hosed).

They know nothing about CU-SeeMee and had never heard of it.

So, out here on the open, I will stand up and say that I am going to
immediately retire my ProMovieStudio as soon as I can find a suitable
replacement, and I STRONGLY encourage anyone considering buying the card
NOT to do so, no matter how great a deal it seems. You will receive
sympathy and some support from MV, but there will never be any better
drivers than what we have now. Go buy something else. I am.

MV just came out of Chapter XI. I wished them much luck staying out, as
I for one do not intend to buy any further toys from them (although I got
to listen to several taped promos for their Reno CD-ROM drive. I'll
stick with my Plextor, thanx...

Consider this fair warning about MV's ongoing support for their video
products. I do not expect the negative-image video problem to be solved
by MV themselves...


If you want the most current drivers for the PMS, be sure and
visit the Weightless Dog Home Page:

The drivers will be posted on 3/8/95 around noon EST. Don't hit the page
looking for 'em until then... unless you wanna look at the other kool stuff.