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Peter and I have been digging into this a bit here recently as I have
been attempting to come up with a laptop solution myself. The
following is the text from a message that I sent to him about a week
ago regarding the two PCMCIA video cards that I had been able to
locate. Has anybody out there tried either of these (with or without
CUSEEME) and if so, any comments? Since this message I have received
the literature from Quadrant and the card is available from them at
$400 + $19 S/H. I'm still waiting on the catalog from Mobil Planet.


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I went back and dug out my old research (3 months ago) and went back to the
same sources and found that there are currently two vendors who supply
PCMCIA based video cards. Both cards appear to be available through a
company called "Mobile Planet" which specializes in accessories for
Laptops. Their number is 1-800-675-2638. The two cards are:

I/O Magic - Focus card $429.00
Quadrant International - CardCam-VideoIN $339.00

According to the sales guy at Mobile Planet that I talked with, the I/O
Magic card is the better one for full speed video. But for the slow frame
video used by CU-SeeMe (which he had actually heard of!) he said that both
cards would be equally good.

I have additional literature and a catalog coming by mail. Over the weekend
I conned my father out of his old Video camera for a month or two. Now all
I have to do is figure out how to fund the card and prove to the company
that this is something actually useful in order to get reimbursed for the
parts ...

Any hints yet on when Alpha-2 is coming out so we can get more stable sound

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Subject: external video capture
Author: (Lisa Mariko Vasquez) at ccmail_internet
Date: 3/7/95 8:07 PM

i just found an ad for an external video capture which will connect a laptop
to a tv on p.353 of the march issue of _windows_. it's made by Consumer
Technology Northwest Inc. has anyone tried this or the version with sound?
i've called several mail order vendors with no luck; no one sells and/or
knows of a pcmcia or an external video capture for any pc--let alone an ibm
thinkpad (the 350 can't work with either of the ibm docking stations, either


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