Re: external video capture

Larry Chace (
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 14:26:05 -0500

Several recent postings to this list have discussed various types of PCMCIA
or other external video capture devices for use with laptop Windows

Please note that, while such devices may exist, the CU-SeeMe development
team has none of them, has no Windows laptop computers (of any flavor), and
cannot make any statement about CU-SeeMe workinging with such a device on
such a machine.

The best bet is that it will *not* work.

If anyone would like to try such a device on such a maschine, we'd be very
happy to hear about the results. But, please, do not go out and purchase
such a device solely for use with CU-SeeMe. (Or, if you do, please don't
complain if it does not work.)

Larry Chace (