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Wed, 08 Mar 95 15:03:03 EST

Here's the e-mail I was reading (see attachment)

Patrick T. Stingley

At 19:03 3/7/95, David Watson wrote:
>In a recent post some one commented that they were getting 2mb/s on a radio
>link and I was impressed. Looked to the site listed by Micheal Sattler,
>, and drew the following down. How was 2mb/s

Certainly not over a Metricom modem, which does 100 kbps one-way or 56 kpbs
for SLIP/PPP kind of connection. You may be referring to Patrick Stigley's
posting. Pat?

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I don't know if you saw my reply, but here is a personal copy
for you.

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Date: Mon, 06 Mar 1995 21:43:22 -0500
From: (John Balogh)
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Subject: Re: Radio-LAN

>A few days ago someone talked about using cu-seeme over a Radio-LAN. Could
>comeone give me some information about wireless network products as far as the
>ir prices, their range, and where I can get them are concerned?

We've been using KarlNet's WaveLan-based network components here in
State College, PA with good success. Multiple non-intersecting links
and a few multi-drop links. Distance is limited to about 3.5 miles.
Thruput is 2Mbps without compression. We use the router/bridge version
for about $2300 per site. There is a cheaper ISA interface card if you want
to run that way, but I'd suggest using the higher level boxes (SNMP,
ethernet connectivity, encryption software, multi-point capabilities, etc).
You can reach them at <>. Of course, there are no
monthly fees to any provider when you build your own network... :-)

I saw a reflector site for CU-SeeMe that was running over one of
these 2M links to Doug Karl's (Founder of KarlNet :-) home.
The link name was something like "Doug@home"... Check back a few
days in this list.

Hope this helps!

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