Re: FAQ: ProMovie Studio/Spectrum Cards for CUSeeMe

Albert Foo (
Wed, 08 Mar 1995 14:03:36 -0600

Scott Wenzel <> wrote:
>MediaVision has discontinued most of their video-oriented products,
>including all video-capture cards.
>No updates to any MV drivers for these cards are planned.
> [some-bad-news-text-deleted-for-brevity]


One of the coder (name withheld) email me with the current status regarding
the ProMovie Studio/Spectrum drivers, and apparently this is still be worked
on. No words on where it is available (but it exist!), hopefully it will be
incorporated into the next release of Cu-SeeMe for Windows. That's all I
can say for now. :-).

Since Scott Wenzel has contacted MV (MediaVision), and if they decided to
discontinue this ProMovie product line, then I guess it is better to look at
other capture boards such as the VB FS200 or the TV-Celebrity cards for CUSeeMe.

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