AppleScriptability suggestions

Stephen Jonke (
Wed, 8 Mar 95 14:58:28 EST

I sent these ideas to Larry Chace, but just decided others might want to
see and or comment on them. These are things which I think would be very
cool to have AppleScript support for and also some suggestions for
enhancements to CU-SeeMe itself. These are somewhat in order of
importance, but not exactly:

-- Abilitity to open, close and get status on connections via AppleScript
(especially status to determine if the connection has been made, failed, or
whatever, and what happened if it did fail)

-- Ability to set and get CU-SeeMe preferences which should be implemented
as "properties" of the application and using the standard "set" and "get"
AppleScript commands for getting and setting them.

-- Ability to receive notification when a connection is established,
closes, fails, etc. (this is not absolutely neccessary, but prefered if

-- Abilitity for a Script or application to receive notification when
CU-SeeMe is asked by a visitor to open a connection (i.e. then a script
could determine whether or not to accept the connection rather than having
human intervention to decide this). Some sort of useful info would have to
be passed to the script/application as well in order to make such an
educated decision - address of requesting machine, etc.

-- Ability to send text to one or more connections (i.e. as if the user had
typed the messages in by hand).

-- Ability to get text sent to this Mac (maybe - not sure how this would work).

-- Ability to tell CU-SeeMe to send a single image or sequence of images
and/or sound (i.e. a QuickTime movie, PICS animation, etc.).

-- Ability to tell CU-SeeMe to send the sound coming from the Mac (i.e., if
the Mac beeps, I want that to be sent over the connection. If I have the
speech manager installed, I want to be able to send synthesized speech over
the connection, but basically anything that is coming out of the speaker on
the Mac. Sort of a "pass-thru" for CU-SeeMe).

-- What have you - go crazy! ;-)

Of course, I'm not suggesting that that all this be done, but you might
want to consider some of it. At a minimum, to be useful, it would have to
support the first suggestion (open, close and get status of connections via
AppleScript). Anyway, do what you like with any of this stuff, or ignore
it all if you prefer - I realize you guys/gals aren't getting any money out
of it, but you have to admit it would be fun! :-)

Anyone have additional suggestions or comments on the above?


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