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I think you're right; some of the boards don't fully comply, but their
msvideo.dll always comes with a suite of applications from the same
company that, not surprisingly, work fine with it. If CU-SeeMe supported
a variety of input formats I'm sure that people would have better luck.

Our new external codec will allow greater flexibility and, also, additional
codecs can be written by anyone who knows how without having to get into
the rest of CU-SeeMe, and without complicating the version release process
for CU-SeeMe itself.

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Date: Wed, 08 Mar 1995 13:50:00 -0600
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Subject: Re: Video for Windows Support (Michael Benson) wrote:
>Correct me if I am wrong, but as soon as cuseeme supports video
>for Windows fully -- almost any capture board should work, as
>long as it supports video for windows.

CUSeeMe does work for VfW (Video for Windows) but I think it's up to the
video capture board manufacturers to write their device drivers according to
Microsoft published specs. It seems boards like Pro Movie Studio/Spectrum
with its device drivers has not been fully compliant with Microsoft's VfW specs.

Maybe the CUSeeMe Windows developer like Rich Kennerly give us some idea.

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