Does it really work with TIA?

William Gonzales (
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 22:35:44 -0800

I am replying to the following post:

>>Dear John,
>> Does anyone have the technical info on cuseeme, such as what
>> ports are used by each side and how? Not detailed, but just along the
>> lines of: UDP Port 7648 connect to UDP port 7648, etc.
>> Patrick T. Stingley
>I was able to connect to your test site ( using TIA. It came back
>with my name (John) inside the box, but that was it. I do not have any camera
>set up so i could not attempt to send any data. Anytime I try to connect
to any
>other site (such as the sites that come with cuseeme, or the NASA space shuttle
>sites) it just times out and says 'cannot connect'. I have been able to
>back to myself however.

How did you get it to work with TIA??? Please read this previous post:

I got CUSEEME for Windows. I have Chameleon 4.01 and I am using a SLIP
dial-up. The SLIP dial-up, is not a real SLIP account. It is one that done
using a SHELL to SLIP program. I had the same problem before,with another
program, using WinSock. I got Netmanager and the problem went away. Then I
got CUSEEME and now I get the message again!! I get the following error
message Gethostbyname()Failed (11004). I have a host name in the Chameleon
settings. Is there something I am doing wrong??


I am trying to do this with TIA. I also have a hosts file like everyone
sudjected. What's the deal??? What's the fix??
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