PC CuSeeMe codec

M. Carleer (mcarleer@ulb.ac.be)
Thu, 09 Mar 1995 11:39:21 +0100

> Jack,
> Michel Carleer's codec supports 16,24,and 32bit RGB but I haven't tried
> it with CU-SeeMe yet. So, hopefully we'll have support soon. There's also
> the possibility that this codec will support Indeo, perhaps with some work.
> -Rich Kennerly - <rbk1@cornell.edu> PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer

All PC users,

My codec also supports Indeo, but only the so called Indeo YVU9 format,
which is not the Intel Indeo compression format. The YVU9 is not a real
compression format, it is simply the format in which most video capture
boards store the video pictures in their internal memory. It is the format
used to code a TV picture for transmission by the broadcasters. Y stands for
luminance info, V and U representing the color info and beeing equal to
-(R-Y) and -(B-Y). The interest of this format is that it is compatible with
B/W receivers. In the YVU9 format, the chrominance info (V and U) are stored
after the Y info in memory, and there is only one chrominance info (one V
and one U) for each block of sixteen pixels (4x4 block). Each elementary
info is digitized in 8 bits. The interest of this format is that, as it is
the native format for the dig cards, saving pictures in this format is
faster because the driver accompanying the card does not have to translate
to the RGB format before storing on disk. Once again, this format has
nothing to do with the full Intel Indeo compression format.

Hope all this is clear.


Michel Carleer

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