WinDoze setup help

Mark T. Miller (
Thu, 9 Mar 1995 11:07:22 -0500 (EST)

Hi, I am trying to get the win PC.CU-SeeMeW0.34b4 version going with
my MV Pro Movie Studio, and am having a couple problems.

I have read all the FAQ's and readme's I could find, but could not
solve the following problem:

When I start CU-SeeMe I get a little warning window that has the error
message "I/O Conflict" and that is all. What is conflicting with
what?? The PMS card works fine on it's own, and none of my devices
or software have any conflicts outside of CU-SeeME. I suppose CU-SeeME
wants an I/O channel or something in use, but nowhere does it
say how to configure it, nor what address it is trying to use. Any insight

Also I have been following the Media Vision discussion of late, and have
the question: Just what kind of picture do you get with the "stock"
drivers, since the "newest" ones produce a negative image? Also is
the movie *Studio* affected as well as the Spectrum? Everyone agrees
that the *Spectrum* has this problem, but I see some confusion as to
whether the *Studio* is affected, or it is just being confused with the

Thanks! and hopefully CU-Soon!


Mark T. Miller ...uunet!xyzzy!miller