Re: HELP - CUSEEME for you

peter_r._de vries (
Thu, 9 Mar 1995 21:27:02 +0100

At 10:28 9-03-95 MST, Cesar Osuna G. wrote:
>Dear Sir/Madam
> My name is Cesar Osuna, I work in Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in
>Guadalajaara Mexico.
> I need your help, please, We are looking for software for videoconference,
>We know that you have a free software for it. I would like to have it,
> What do i need for to obtain it?
> I tried to make a ftp at Cornell University,, but i couldn't
>because i don't have access.
> How can i obtain your software?
> Please help me
>Cesar Osuna
>Tel (3) 6413775

here i send you as attachment the file for the pc.

ruud de vries, netherlands

Attachment Converted: D:\CULIST\CUSEEME.ZIP

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