Re: WinDoze setup help

Scott Wenzel (
Thu, 9 Mar 1995 17:57:05 -0500 (EST)

> When I start CU-SeeMe I get a little warning window that has the error
> message "I/O Conflict" and that is all. What is conflicting with
> what?? The PMS card works fine on it's own, and none of my devices
> or software have any conflicts outside of CU-SeeME. I suppose CU-SeeME
> wants an I/O channel or something in use, but nowhere does it
> say how to configure it, nor what address it is trying to use. Any insight
> appreciated.

An i/o conflict points toward a problem in configuration of the Windows
driver for the board. If your copy of VidCap (shipped with the board)
operates fully well (no weird colors, no freezing, etc.) but CU-SeeMe
does not, then there may be corruption in your copy of the CUSeeMe
executable or something else subtle. In general, when VidCap works,
CUSeeMe will work, provided you have no background program already using
the board (i.e., don't run VidCap or any other digivideo app minimized).
> Also I have been following the Media Vision discussion of late, and have
> the question: Just what kind of picture do you get with the "stock"
> drivers, since the "newest" ones produce a negative image? Also is
> the movie *Studio* affected as well as the Spectrum? Everyone agrees
> that the *Spectrum* has this problem, but I see some confusion as to
> whether the *Studio* is affected, or it is just being confused with the
> *Spectrum*

The ProMovie Studio (the newer model of the card -- the Spectrum was
older and wimpier) is affected. Earlier versions of the driver have been
known not to do this weird thing with negative images but they cause
other problems outside CUSeeMe. *I* for one remember having gotten a
normal image with CUSeeMe but then I trashed the drivers and cannot find
anyone who has older versions. I also checked with MV and they do not
make the older drivers available (for mostly-obvious reasons).