Re: HELP - CUSEEME for you

Jeff Sherwood (
Thu, 9 Mar 1995 18:06:58 -0800 (PST)

> At 9:27 PM 3/9/95, peter_r._de vries wrote:
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> >here i send you as attachment the file for the pc.
> >
> >ruud de vries, netherlands
> >
> [Lottery contest info clipped for my sanity's sake]
> Please oh please let this never happen again. I won't even begin to go
> off. Somebody please take over for me.
> -Pete

Hmmm, may I?

You see, when you're running a listserv, and someone mails over a megabyte
of mail to the couple of hundred subscribers, the server tends to get a
bit squishy.

If the server doesn't melt, some of us have this program called Eudora,
which we use to view our mail over a 14.4 modem, and Eudora doesn't warn
you when you have a 1 MB file in your box. And it really hates
it when you try to stop a file download. As a matter of fact, Eudora has
been known to lose the users entire mailbox after crashing the system
into a cold boot sequence. It gets messy.

Perhaps you should have considered mailing the file directly to the
recipient. Most of us on the list HAVE Cu-SeeMe.

There, was that enough Pete? Glad to be of service.

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