What to do about "spam" and "spammers"

Michael Sattler (msattler@jungle.com)
Thu, 9 Mar 1995 19:29:25 -0800

At 13:48 3/9/95, Larry Chace wrote:

>Sorry for this tirade, but that sort of posting makes this list much less
>valuable and hardly worth the time to read. It seems clear that it really
>should be a "moderated" list, except that we don't have the resources to
>moderate it and weed out the junk postings.

I gently disagree with Larry on this one. In the entire time I've been on
this list I can remember only a few other "spam" messages, something I
think speaks volumes about this list readership.

What to do about such postings? I usually copy the entire contents of the
message back to the sender, along with a one-line message saying "I feel
the following was inappropriate." When enough people do this it (1) shows
solidarity and (2) floods their machine. Educational *and* fun.

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