GPF Info/WO.34b4??

Dave Easton (davie@PrimeNet.Com)
Sat, 11 Mar 1995 20:53:42 -0700 (MST)


I was wondering if anyone could offer help with the following GPF's I am
getting on a regular basis.

I have a 386DX-33, 8MB, Diamond Stealth Vram 1MB, 32 bit HD access, EMM,
HiMem,Trumpet 1.0 RevB, Beta1, and am running a V.34 modem at 28.8K to my
service provider. I have the good UART and it is turned on. No TSR's and
tried a clean DOS boot w/ no effect. I receive only, have no video
equipment at all. I use CUSeeMe WO.34b4 for Win.

I get both of these when I am just watching, not inputing anything or
using the mouse. They seem to happen at irregular intervals.
GPF CUSeeMe.exe at 0001:0481 - and GPF CUSeeMe.exe at 0001:0524.

Would anyone know what these are and if there is something I can do to
prevent them or reduce their frequency (2-3 per hour)?

Thanks, Dave