Re: 28.8 not all that bad

Byron Thomason (
Mon, 13 Mar 95 00:20:35 -0500

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>Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 23:05:54 -0600
>From: (Steven Rogers)
>Subject: Re: 28.8 not all that bad
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>>I encourage Mr. Kennerly to work on a version of cuseeme directed
>>specifically at the slip dial up bandwidth. I'm logged onto Nasa right now
>>and I think it holds great potential at 28.8. The picture updates nicely
>>and if 28.8 was targeted many more people would be able to truly enjoy the
>>cuseeme enhancement of Internetting. Boy, was that good or what?
>Can you get intelligible sound at 28.8?
>Steve R

Funny you should ask... :) Once when I logged on to NASA I got two
complete sentences of dialog and it gave me a rush. That's why I wish
Rich Kennerly would move full steam ahead on a low bandwidth version.