Re: I encourage Mr. Kennerly...

Michael Sattler (
Sun, 12 Mar 1995 22:16:04 -0800

At 20:33 3/11/95, Byron Thomason wrote:

>I encourage Mr. Kennerly to work on a version of cuseeme directed
>specifically at the slip dial up bandwidth.

The CU-SeeMe team has long said that (1) CU-SeeMe was never intended for
low-bandwidth connections and (2) they'd be making changes to make the
reflector/client interactions more tolerant and robust when dealing with
modem-based connections.

>I'm logged onto Nasa right now
>and I think it holds great potential at 28.8. The picture updates nicely
>and if 28.8 was targeted many more people would be able to truly enjoy the
>cuseeme enhancement of Internetting.

I'm not sure what you're asking Rich to do. Are you connected at 28.8 or
just guessing it'd be nice at 28.8. If the former, what don't you like
what you see? If the latter, connect at 28.8 and tell Rich (and the rest
of us) exactly what you would like to see changed. He's a programmer, not
a mind-reader.

>Boy, was that good or what?

No comment. :-)

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