Re: Newcomer Questions

Michael Sattler (
Sun, 12 Mar 1995 22:16:13 -0800

You said to me:

>As a newcomer to CU-SeeMe I have the following questions:
>1. Is there a FAQ for CU-SeeMe?

Look at my web pages for FAQs, reflector lists, and pointers to other
CU-SeeMe web pages.

>2. What experience is there in using a limited b/w connection via
>a 14.4 kbs modem? My calculations show it would take 5.33 seconds to transmit
>one video frame.

We *all* are using limited b/w, some of us via modem. Because we don't
have to do a frame at a time, only the changed portions, we can (barely)
survive at 14.4.

>3. How can I contact someone who whould like to try a transmission
>to my system (receive only at this stage) to see if anything works?

Use this list. People will e-mail you back.

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