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You said to me:

>I know this probably isn't the right list -- so kill me if I'm wrong for
>posting here .. I just have a simple question.

Bang, bang, you're dead :-)

>Will videocasettes recorded on the NTSC standard function in
>VCR's using the PAL system?


>I need to know this because I am travelling to Sweden this August
>as an exchange student and I plan to purchase a camcorder...

The cheapest place to purchase high-quality A/V is the USA, check the back
of Popular Photography for places like 42nd Street Photo, etc. You'll even
be saved the sales tax if you're shipping out of New York state.

>BTW, can you make any suggestions of products to buy / stay away from
>when I purchase one? Prefferable video format? VHS? VHS-C? 8 MM?

As small as possible. As high-quality as possible. Color viewfinder if

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