Giving a Netmangle machine a hostname for CU-SeeMe

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 09:26:31 -0800

Tad Olson <> said to me:

>I realize that you do not know me, but you have a large amount of
>information on the Net about cuseeme, and you have been answering
>simple questions.

True, all true.

>I have read all (I think) your info on the Web and have been
>watching the cuseeme listserv and have not seen anything on how
>to assign a name to your machine if you use a PPP line.

Right, you have to do some sort of goofy magic.

>Could you please help? I am using a 14.4K PPP-line to the
>university using Netmanage's Chameleon as my Winsock client. My
>question is what would be the name of the file that would list
>all the Winsock Sockets? And how would one do it with a PPP

I'll post this to the list, as I'm an unabashed Mac bigot and can't keep
all the kludge details to keeping a Windoze machine in my itty bitty head
:-) I'm sure one of the resident experts will get back to you (and to me
too, so I can put this in the web page FAQs).

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