Re: Newcomer Questions

Mon, 13 Mar 1995 15:10:50 -0500

On Mon, 13 Mar 1995, Roie Gat wrote:

> I would just like to comment on the fact that, from the experience I'v had,
> 14.4K is not that bad. Pictures come in nice and clean (ok so a couple
> seconds slower). I know that I cant recieve or send audio, so all the
> boxes on my audio window are turned off. I even have TalkFM just in case
> anyone decides so start using that. But my conclusion is, 14.4K is not bad
> at all (just takes getting used to).
> If anyone out there has questions about 14.4K, I'd be more then happy to
> answer them.
> Oh yeah, heres another neat idea that I recently discovered:
> If your sick and tried of being a lurker (since I have a Quickcam,
> I don't fall into this category)? Well, heres a cool trick for you guys.
> Get the Quickcam software from someone (it should be too hard to find).
> Install it on your computer and run cuseeme. CU-SeeMe will think you have
> a video card but for local video all you'll get is a white screen. This
> just means they wont see you, but at least you can type cool messages on
> you video screen (hey...its a step up for lurkers!). Let me know if
> someone tries this.....wanna get some feedback on it.
> Roie Gat
I agree with Roie experience. I would also recommend that you lower the
transmission rate to 10 max and 1 min. It works still better if you lower
it to 3 and 1. The changes can be done from preference or by clicking the
third icon that you see from the local video. Please note, to type
messages you have to have all the three icons below your local video
closed. By using i phone concurrently you can have voice transmission as
well. IN short even with 14.4 you can have fun using Cuseeme.> >