Re: Newcomer Questions

Roie Gat (
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 19:01:29 -0500

>I agree with Roie experience. I would also recommend that you lower the
>transmission rate to 10 max and 1 min. It works still better if you lower
>it to 3 and 1. The changes can be done from preference or by clicking the
>third icon that you see from the local video. Please note, to type
>messages you have to have all the three icons below your local video
>closed. By using i phone concurrently you can have voice transmission as
>well. IN short even with 14.4 you can have fun using Cuseeme.> >

It must be different on the Windows version, cause I can't set anything in
transmission below 10. So my max and min are both 10, and my fps is set at

Roie Gat