Tim & Dick and reflector list..

David Watson (dwatson@metz.une.edu.au)
Tue, 14 Mar 1995 10:42:15 +1000

This is for Tim and Dick who I know monitor this list...:-)

Given the call every 24 hours for reflector sites..any chance that the file
downloaded from Cornell could have M. Sattler's reflector list included in
the nicknames file? This would help the new folks on the block, decrease
bandwidth of requests for the info...

Given the recent discussion on smoother running would it be appropriate to
change the default setting in future versions to 15/5 kbps?

Comments on status of auto answer/alert options for CUCM? May as well add
scripting to that question...

Quietly working away in the background.. with CUCM the focus of activities..

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