Re: QuickCam software is not freely distributable

Roie Gat (
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 19:11:11 -0500

I agree that they deserve there moneys worth. I happend to own two of
there products and I enjoy them very well.
Ramdoubler as saved my LCIII from needing another 4 megs or RAM.
And of course, Quickcam. Quickcam has helped me understand alot
about video and how it behaves in terms of computers and TV.
Again I would like to apologize if I came on as a piracy person. I
myself write programs and know how my time is put into them. In fact,
after finding out that the inits of quickcam where not free I decided to
write my own init (which will be distributed freely). This init will fool
the computer into thinking it has a video board, therefore allowing lurkers
to use my idea.

Roie Gat