Re: QuickCam software is not freely distributable

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 18:26:43 -0800

At 13:26 3/13/95, Roie Gat wrote:

>I totally agree with you on the software piracy. I didn't check if
>it was distributed- But I do know that the update is widly distributed.

The updater won't work without the base software to be updated.

>I own a Quickcam and use it for everything (I also own Ramdoubler

I'm pleased you like and use the fruits of Connectix. Those people depend
on people purchasing their hardware and software, not on passing it around.

>My apologizes to anyone who took my last post incorretcly.

Your post suggested that people who haven't paid for commercial software
take it from someone that's paid for it. How are we supposed to take such
a post?

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