Re: QuickCam software is not freely distributable

Geoff Rehn (
Tue, 14 Mar 1995 12:05:14 +0800

At 8:11 AM 3/14/95, Roie Gat wrote:
>This init will fool
>the computer into thinking it has a video board, therefore allowing lurkers
>to use my idea.

I came across this myself some time ago, when the Quickcam was
disconnected. But is there any real gain here? I am correct in saying that
"lurkers" without video send can still use the Talk module?

BTW, am I correct in saying that to use Talk off a reflector, that the
newer reflector software is required? I have found 1-1 Talk works OK, but I
have not updated my reflector to the newer version and I can't seem to get
Talk to work off the reflector.

Geoff R.

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