Help on Audio Status

David Watson (
Tue, 14 Mar 1995 22:52:30 +1000

I'm pulling together a few bits and pieces for an article (see Ausweb 95
--> on CuSeeMe and need some
feedback... If you can help me with the following questions I'd appreciate
your time..

1.Window users - Alpha testers...
a. Can you converse with others in conference mode?
b. Are you able to hear/speak with mac users?
c. Does it work with the Internet Phone (IPhone)?
d. Scriptable?

2. For those using IPhone do you have an incoming call notification option
with the program?

3. Can "CUCM - Windows" or Iphone be launched as a MIME?

Thanks for your help. You can reply directly to me on and save bandwidth -or- you can share your info
with the list by hitting the reply key... In any event thanks in advance.
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