Re: QuickCam software is not freely distributable

Herong Yang (
Tue, 14 Mar 1995 10:36:59 -0500

Can anyone give me more information about Connectix QuickCam, please?

We are looking for hardware and software to experiment video conferencing
on campus.


Herong Yang
McGill University Computing Centre
Montreal, Canada

>At 06:50 3/13/95, Roie Gat wrote:
>>Oh yeah, heres another neat idea that I recently discovered:
>>If your sick and tried of being a lurker (since I have a Quickcam,
>>I don't fall into this category)? Well, heres a cool trick for you guys.
>>Get the Quickcam software from someone (it should be too hard to find).
>>Install it on your computer and run cuseeme. CU-SeeMe will think you have
>>a video card but for local video all you'll get is a white screen. This
>>just means they wont see you, but at least you can type cool messages on
>>you video screen (hey...its a step up for lurkers!). Let me know if
>>someone tries this.....wanna get some feedback on it.
>You might get a response you didn't expect, what with advocating software
>piracy in public. Connectix QuickCam software is not free- or share-ware,
>and it's not freely distributable. You've said what amounts to (spelling
>and punctuation style followed):