Recording/journaling CU-SEEME reflector

Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund (
Wed, 15 Mar 95 12:36:10 EST

I have modified the V3.3 Reflector to allow one to journal (record) video
sessions. Which are stored in a playback file of my design.

I have also gotton a playback program working that can replay these
files (the person appears as a memorex of his original self).

(It was not working yesterday, but it seems to be working now - although
given the complete lack of documenation on the reflector and lack of
comments I cannot be 100% sure I am doing everything kosher.

However, I have tried it with several different streams).

The architecture is as follows:

I extended the control section of the reflector to accept some
new record commands. I changed the refmon program to a TCL-DP
program and it can now send these new commands to the reflector.
Multiple sessions can be recorded at once.

Playback is a completely seperate program. Because things are constructed
this way - one can playback to completely unmodified reflectors - something
I have tested.

I am not getting any replies or interest from Cornell - but I would
have thought they would be interested. Does anyone have their attention?

Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund
GTE Laboratories,Waltham MA