Re: Still having PC problems..argh

Kyle M. Smith (
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 11:39:12 -0800

At 11:03 PM 3/14/95 -0500, Tim Russo wrote:
> I have still having problems sending data over a PPP connection w/
>video blaster. When I run the VidCap program (after a full MS Video
>installation) I get the error:
> Vidcap could not initialize the capture device.
> Capture driver is not installed properly.
>These are the device drivers loaded into Windows (As seen in the Drivers
>area of Control Panals):
> Intel Indeo video driver
> Microsoft ADPCM Codec V2.00
> " IMA ADPCM Codec v2.00
> " RLE Compressor
> " Sound Mapper V2.00
> " Video Compressor
> SuperMatch Cinepak Codec
> [MCI] Microsoft Video for Windows
> [MCI] Video Blaster FS200 Overlay Driver
> MIDI Mapper
> Timer
> [MCI] MIDI Sequencer
> Creative Labs Sound Blaster 1.5
>Help. I cannot figure what is going on here. Everything looks like it is

WARNING: I am going from memory here so be advised -- I no longer have
access to the Video Blaster card.

I don't see a capture driver listed above. Try bringing up the Drivers
control again, click "Add..", click "Unlisted or Updated Driver",
and then specify the directory where you installed the FS200 stuff --
or maybe a subdirectory thereof. See if they are any other drivers that
show up that you can install.

I seem to remember that the FS200 installation was lame and I had to
manually add the drivers to Windows before CU-SeeMe would work.

Since you have Video for Windows installed, make sure you delete the
MSVIDEO.DLL that came with CU-SeeMe.

Hope that helps.