"Dialing List" for WO 34b4??

Dave Easton (davie@primenet.com)
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 21:33:30 -0700 (MST)


For those of us using Windows and the CU-SeeMe WO.34b4 software -

With 50+ addresses on the reflector list, I find 34b4's "last 5
addresses used" feature a little outdated.

I wanted to have a way to make a "dialing list" where I could input the
info from Michael Sattler's Reflector List.

Since my programmable keyboard will only do 30 functions if I avoid the
"alt"key, etc., I thought I'd try the Win Recorder function. Never used
it before.

It works! I put all 50+ names in one function list and set up a separate
Recorder icon to start Recorder with that specific macro list. Now I can
just click on a line and Recorder will put CU-SeeMe into the connect mode
and "dial" the IP address from Michael's list. The 50 lines in the
Recorder list are, however, with the ENGLISH address, not the IP number.
Its great. Best of both worlds. I also put the IP address in the comments
box for each line. You can even set Recorder to automatically minimise
after it "dials" for you. I suppose there is no reasonable limit to the
number of Reflectors recorder can handle.

One could aslo set it up to automatically disconnect before connecting
with a new Reflector, but, with the disconnect problems 34b4 has, I did
not want to try that. Possibly with 34b5? :-)

Thought this might help another beginner like me. I would also like to
know if others are using different systems.

Thanks, Dave in Phoenix (rcv only, for now)