Iphone - I'm a beleiver

Steve Loboyko (slob@mindspring.com)
Tue, 21 Mar 1995 12:31:07 -0500

I didn't think that police-radio quality voice over the Internet was
possible, and I think I stated this in the alpha group as well as here; I
now eat those words. I was wrong!

This is a really great program, not just in the voice compression
technology, but in the user interface AND in how it works to organize people
so they can meet up using IRC.

I think that the model that CU used in Cu-SeeMe was like traditional
videoconferencing; Volcaltec's model is based on IRC, which may be more
appropriate for people that haven't really scheduled something in advance. I
work for a company that makes elaborate scheduling software to get around
this problem, and, beleive me, it's tough, especially with time zones and
stuff like that. I don't like, however, that it requires IRC. There should
be a way for it to be used point to point.

I'm getting it before the price increase!!!

Incidentally, am I still on this list? Ihaven't heard anything for a few
days...jeez, what did I say wrong?

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