Valuable Windows Program

Steve Loboyko (
Tue, 21 Mar 1995 12:28:43 -0500

I cannot say enough good things about a program I downloaded off of in /pcmag/utilities/v14_1995/v14n06_1mbfort/, called

Do you have the following problem? You load all kinds of stacks (tcp/ip,
ipx, etc) and then get "insufficient memory to run application" messages?
Even when you have tools that show that there is plenty of memory avaialble?
Even after you have "memmakered "yourself to death? Is that what's bothering
you, bunkie?

I won't bother going into the technical details of how this program works,
but the program forces other programs to use memory more wisely (which
Windows itself should have done). Note that this program is copyrighted by
Ziff and I don't think that it can be reposted legally, so you will have to
get it from the site mentioned above. I can't beleive how many programs I
have running as I write this! (let me count - 40?). And I can STILL bring up
the task list!!! (I have 8 megs of RAM!) The heck with Windows 95!

It appears to be idiot-proof, with NO bad side-effects.

The program is so brilliant and elegant that I want to blow my brains out
that I didn't think of it first. I would be able to abandon my Ferrari when
the ashtray filled up.

PC Magazine and Ziff should be credited BIG-TIME for releasing this program,
as should it's author. I'll tell you now, I know a lot of companies that
would be willing to pay BIG BUCKS for it. This is an _absolute must-have_ if
you are running into this problem. The reason that I post this here is that
I run into this problem all the time with Cu-SeeMe (not a fault of CU
itself), and I suspect that people just "live with" this problem, as I _did_!

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