Video connect ? ? ?

Glenn Azlin (
Tue, 21 Mar 1995 17:56:05 -0500

Help, help, help... sob...

I'm running on a shoestring budget (that shouldn't be news to anyone!) and
have a Creative Labs Video Blaster Card but have no idea what model etc.
that it could be.

I do know that it doesn't seem to connect up to 'cuceeme', because a window
appears at a reflector site, without the video.

The computer... 486DX2-66
12Meg RAM
420Meg HD
Trident 1Meg video, 800x600,256
TCP/IP direct connect to network
Sound Blaster Pro Audio (irrelevent I
think for PC's
and 'cuseeme').

The Video Blaster...16bit Slot, full length card
Ribbon strap from to video feature
connector (26 pin)
15 pin cable strap from video card output
to input
socket on VB card. The plug then has
RCA type
in-line flylead sockets for 3 video
channels, and L/R
sound channels. Monitor is then
connected to
second conector on VB card.
Card and software (original) dated June 1992.
VB buffer hard base address set at 15Meg
operation in windows as a frame grabber.

The question...(s).. Is this card suitable?

If so, what am I doing wrong?

Should I be using other software? If so
then what?
(Have got MS Video for Windows drivers

Is 'cuseeme' sensitive to PAL format
rather than the
American NTSC?

I really hope that some-one out there can help as I have no idea where else
to go for the solution. I have nearly worn the print of all information I
can find about 'cuseeme' and also the documentation (at least a miserable
excuse!) that came with the VB card.

Many thanks,

PS. I m a senior Technical Officer at Monash University (Australia),
Gippsland School of Engineering, and have taken on this project on the basis
of assessing it's suitability as support to Distance Education written
course material.