inverted video

Arvell Hairston (
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 08:29:04 -0500

Attention Jim Patton

Dear Jim,

As an owner of the PMstudio and spectrum sound and video boards I am
requesting your assistance in resolving a video problem I have encountered
while using the capture card. I get inverted video (reverse b&w) when using
a video teleconferencing software called cuseeme from cornell univ. I know
of at least 50 people who also have the same problem. I contacted tech
support and was not given any course of action to take other than using a
new driver which did not work. I understand that Media vision is undergoing
some company changes and I want to know if this is some indication that I
should trash my media vision hardware for lack of support and go to some
other manufacture which will follow its products. Myself and countless
(1200) others are watching this scenario closely and will post our findings
to numerous bulletin boards accross the world about the level of support and
operational qualities of media vision products and services.

Arvell Hairston