re- dumb asses

Chuck Elliot (
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 13:42:21 -0500

When you subscribed to the list you were sent information on (inter alia)
how to unsubscribe. Now, I know how excited you were to get all this
free information about the wonderful CU-SeeMe but the idea was that
you should read this stuff so that you would know how to be a considerate
list user and not a nuisance to other list users. If you don't know how to
unsubscribe, go back and read this stuff (you did save it didn't you?!). For
who didn't (*****this section censored*****) send a message to:


in the body of the message put:

unsubscribe cu-seeme-l

(I'm going for a lie down now)

Chuck Elliot.
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