Re: re- dumb asses

Stan the Man (
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 09:49:19 -0500


relax dude, go easy on the guy. Too much caffeine there? It was only a
one-word message. "unsubscribe". Sure wasted a lot of my time.

Also, please refrain from using them nasty 4-letter words in your
headers. Some of us have coworkers looking over our shoulders all the
time just looking for an excuse to complain.

Jeffrey Stanley
On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, Chuck Elliot wrote:

> (Sigh)
> When you subscribed to the list you were sent information on (inter alia)
> how to unsubscribe. Now, I know how excited you were to get all this
> free information about the wonderful CU-SeeMe but the idea was that
> you should read this stuff so that you would know how to be a considerate
> list user and not a nuisance to other list users. If you don't know how to
> unsubscribe, go back and read this stuff (you did save it didn't you?!). For
> those
> who didn't (*****this section censored*****) send a message to:
> (NOT!!!!!!)
> in the body of the message put:
> unsubscribe cu-seeme-l
> (I'm going for a lie down now)
> Chuck Elliot.
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