Use under Wabi_2.0

Piers O'Hanlon (
Wed, 22 Mar 95 14:11:16 +0000


I just thought I'd let the list know that I have managed to get CU-seeme
working on my Sun Sparc 10 running Wabi_2.0 (Windows Application Binary
Interface) under Solaris 2.4. It appears to connect well with video (I
connected to reflectors in Finland & Norway), though the audio doesn't work,
though that is probably more to do with Wabi than CU-seeme.

The Participant window comes out a bit oddly - ie just with 3 small green
buttons in a list with no names though when you click on the top or bottom
button you can get some info on the place/participants connected. The middle
one doesn't bring up anything readble. There appears to be a general font
problem in that some of the messages over-run the windows and I can't read
them for stuff like the INFO subwindow attached a video window - but this
isn't a major problem as I can catch that info from the participants window

I'm coming up with a Null Assertion(), File: c:\e\cuseeme\r27\winutil.c,
line:171 Periodically when connected to the Norway reflector at: , though this may be due to that fact it's running v2.21x2
of the reflector software (or that's what it says in the MOTD)? But this isn't
coming up with a certified regularity and doesn't seem to cause a problem so

It's good to see it going though - Nice job.

Piers O'Hanlon

Audio Visual Centre
University College London.