IPhone for Mac? Also, Netphone and CU-SeeMe?

Stephen Jonke (Stephen.Jonke@gsfc.nasa.gov)
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 12:27:11 -0500

Does anybody know if IPhone is going to be made available on the Mac?
Also, have any Mac users tried using NetPhone with CU-SeeMe? Good success?
It seems to work well on its own over my 28.8k baud modem. I should be
getting my AV card shortly and will then be able to try both
simultaneously, but was curious if anyone had tried and had success with

NetPhone does not require IRC, though obviously you can use them together.
I'm curious what exactly IPhone does with IRC and how it is better then
simply running both an IRC prog and a voice prog? NetPhone is pretty
similar to Maven, but with many more compression options including a bunch
that work over 14.4k baud modems. What compression schemes does IPhone
use? Are NetPhone and IPhone capable of talking to each other? Anyone
want to try?

Oh, the NetPhone demo (limited to 90 second connections) is available from
most of the usual Mac FTP sites. Also, the NetPhone people tell me that a
scriptable version is going to be available in the near future. The
current version isn't scriptable.


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