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Wed, 22 Mar 1995 14:14:13 -0500

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>Subject: RE: inverted video
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>>Subject: RE: inverted video
>>Date: Wed, 22 Mar 95 10:46:00 PST
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>>I am currently requesting a brief response from all CuSeeMe users, that are
>>having difficulties using this application with our product. This will help
>>to generate and justify the support needed to resolve this issue.
>>Thanks for your response, and pass the word on.
>>Jim Patton
>>Media Vision Online Services
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>>From: arvell
>>To: techsupp
>>Cc: cu-seeme-l
>>Subject: inverted video
>>Date: Wednesday, March 22, 1995 7:29AM
>>Attention Jim Patton
>>Dear Jim,
>> As an owner of the PMstudio and spectrum sound and video boards I am
>>requesting your assistance in resolving a video problem I have encountered
>>while using the capture card. I get inverted video (reverse b&w) when using
>>a video teleconferencing software called cuseeme from cornell univ. I know
>>of at least 50 people who also have the same problem. I contacted tech
>>support and was not given any course of action to take other than using a
>>new driver which did not work. I understand that Media vision is undergoing
>>some company changes and I want to know if this is some indication that I
>>should trash my media vision hardware for lack of support and go to some
>>other manufacture which will follow its products. Myself and countless
>>(1200) others are watching this scenario closely and will post our findings
>>to numerous bulletin boards accross the world about the level of support and
>>operational qualities of media vision products and services.
>>Arvell Hairston