Re: Attention List Owner - Others please forgive me

Stan Borinski (
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 14:42:41 -0500

> I to am getting annoyed by the DAILY deluge of "unsubscribe" messages!
> May I suggest the owner to do what the list Cello-L is doing on the same server:
> it adds a signature to all distributed messages with two short lines indicating
> how to unsubscribe and where to send it. This should become the norm for
> all list. Alain

Yuck! Can't the listserv software just filter out un-/subscribe messages
(like Majordomo, the other mailing list software, can)? I've sent this
suggestion to the list managers before, and they said it was being done or
about to be done. Apparently the config file to set the filter gets hosed
every once in a while. Perhaps this happened with the recent downtime of the
CU-SeeMe mailing list.

And if you wanted to send your message just to the CU-SeeMe list owner,
'' should have worked.


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