Re: Al Gore uses CU-SeeMe (repost)

Jane Smith (
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 14:56:52 -0500

> On Thursday morning (3/16/95), U.S. Vice President Al Gore used CU-SeeMe
> to talk with a teacher and a few of her students from the Long Branch
> Middle School in Virginia. The short video conference was part of larger

That teacher was Carla Schutte. Carla is one of the lead teachers for the
GLOBE project. She was also one of the very first CU-SeeMe users when her
students and those of three other teachers in California and Kentucky
participated in a collaborative project studying water quality, funded by
the National Science Foundation, in the spring of 1993. She continued to use
CU-SeeMe for the duration of the Global SchoolHouse project. Carla has
also hosted several "events" at her school that were shared using
CU-SeeMe with other members of the educational community.